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Experienced engineers at your service.

With their skills acquired through multiple companies from different fields, our engineers are ready to help you to overcome your engineering challenges. Our experts in failure analysis, metallurgy, mechanical fatigue, forming, thermal treatment and welding are available to support you during your activity spikes.

  • Finite element analysis
  • Part optimization
  • Mechanical design
  • Strength of materials calculation
  • Failure analysis in mechanical components
  • Forming expertise
  • Audits on welding processes

Mechanical design

Take full advantage of computer assisted design (CAD)

Our mechanical and industrial designers are qualified to find the right balance between efficiency, productivity and precision

We are here to offer you sensible solutions for your mechanical challenges.

While meeting the product specifications, we use the latest technologies and materials available on the market to deliver high quality projects.

(To successfully manage our projects, we focus on the customers need. )

  • Detailed engineering
  • Manufacturing drawings
  • Cost estimation
  • On site measurements
  • Reverse engineering


Take advantage of the computer-aided structural analysis.

Save time and money thanks to our team members that are trained to use structure analysis software to quickly determine whether your design is mechanically sound or not.
Let us help you to prototype your design to validate major mechanical concerns before proceeding in a time-consuming real-world prototyping.
We can help you design a better solution by stress testing the model several times until the best configuration.
  • Project management
  • Preliminary case studies
  • Preliminary concepts
  • Project scheduling
  • Product specifications

Product optimization with computer assisted design and manufacturing

Increase your productivity

We have the right solutions to reduce your engineering time and manufacturing deadlines.

  • Automate Solidworks thanks to KBE Works
  • Simplify manufacturing documents and process.
  • Document management with product data management software used by large international companies


Do you need more human resources?

Whether you need to hire more people to overcome a sudden surge in activity, you need more staff or simply because you don’t have the expertise, we are here to find for you the right professionals that suits your needs.Our employees are ready to work with you in your company*.

* Some terms and condition may apply.

3D Scan

Discover digital measurement

Work with our team of 3D scanning experts to reverse engineer and inspect parts and assemblies :

  • Laser scanning
  • 3D modeling and engineering
  • Analysis of storage tanks
  • Reverse engineering and prototyping
  • Metrology